Nursery Teacher Training(2 Year)


    Nice offering various Teachers Training course. One among them is Online Nursery Teacher Training Course (Ntt Online) which has been designed by our expert Nursery Teacher Training Online faculty members, keeping in mind, the needs of those:

    1-who want to pursue a career in pre-school teaching

    2-who wish to start their own pre-school.

    3-who are interested in knowing about pre-schoolers and the functioning of a pre-school

    4-parents who are interested in the healthy upbringing of their children NTT Course provides you with the facility to complete online ntt Diploma course from the comfort of your home or any other place where you have an access to the internet.

    The nursery teacher training diploma is a comprehensive course in that it covers both theoretical and practical aspects of pre-school education, which every pre-school teacher must be well-acquainted with. nursery teacher training faculty members, who are experts in the field of pre-school education, while planning and designing the syllabus have kept in mind the needs of Online NTT students. They have ensured that the online ntt course contents are well-organized and the language of the study materials is simple and lucid so that the study materials become self explanatory.

    Though this is an NTT Online Course, its quality has not been compromised with. The Online Nursery Teacher Training Course develops a high level of professional approach among candidates who aspire to take up teaching as a profession. Through this online ntt course, our trainees get an insight into various aspects of child psychology, child health and nutrition, behavioural and learning difficulties in children, school administration, personnel management etc.

    Our online NTT Nursery Teacher Training course curriculum helps the would-be teachers to understand the child’s developmental needs (physical, motor, cognitive, linguistic, social and emotional needs) and the ways of meeting these needs both at school and home. It also helps them understand children’s behaviour and their adjustment patterns.

    The NTT Online Course also gives them in-depth knowledge about the various ways in which they can motivate children to learn. Our Online NTT Course will be of great help to school administrators as it provides them with necessary guidance for setting up, monitoring and administrating a pre-school or a child-care centre. It is also helpful to budding entrepreneurs who run or intend to start educational programmes such as pre-school, activity club, toy library etc.


    You can also take Admission in Nursery Teacher Training Duration Course

    Course Curriculum

    Child Psychology(501)
    Child Psychology 00:00:00
    Child Care and Health 00:00:00
    Sociology & Guidance Topics(502)
    Sociology and Guidance 00:00:00
    School Organization 00:00:00
    Principles of Education(503)
    Principles of Education 00:00:00
    Educational Psychology(504)
    Educational Psychology 00:00:00
    Modern Methods of Teaching(505)
    Working with Parents and Community(506)

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    • 3,000.00 per year
    • 730 Days

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