Taking inspiration from these views of father of Nation. We have ventured to train the aspiring youth of the country to bring out the best hidden talents bestowed by mother nature in the body, mind and soul of the children and enabling them to blossom in their fullness and lead a healthy, successful and prosperous life in the fast changing world. By training them through Neoteric Institute of Child Care Education (NICE), New Delhi.

This Institution imparts education based on Modern lines for pre-school children with stress on moral, intellectual, physical, social & holistic development & Certer Management of NTT and APCM. AS N.C.E.R.T., New Delhi is doing the job in the field of “Child Care Education”, this institution is also doing the same.


Neoteric Institute of Child Care Education is committed to impart job Oriented and Self Employment Courses in Conformity of the Requirement Vis-a-Vis sanctity and dignity of education to ensure maintenance of desired standard

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